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Term & Conditions

Please read and understand the terms and conditions of using this website, before you make any decision, make payment, order any material make sure that you agree, understand and carefully read each clause in the terms and conditions mentioned below:

  • Using Site Content
  • Communicating electronically
  • Copyright
  • Policies of Site and Amendments
  • Policy for Revision
  • Policy for Amendment
  • Programs
  • Refund Policy
  • Claiming Refund
  • Policy for QA
  • Delivery Policy
  • Your Membership Area
  • Pricing
  • Disclaimers
  • Limitation of liability
  • How to Reach Us?
  • Using Site Content:

The terms and conditions mentioned in this section are written to guide the visitor about the website policy for doping business. With the content in this section, we aim to aware the visitors about their rights and the visitor is abide by the websites rules and regulations to resolve any dispute that might occur in any situation.

We can make changes in the terms and conditions section anytime without giving prior notice to the customers and visitors to this website. The company keeps the rights to make amendments frequently, therefore, the customers and visitors are advised to visit this section regularly to be updated about the changes that may affect their order placement and transactions that they have made on the website. Any content, image, logo, design, downloadable material or software can be used for personal use by the visitor and customers. No copyrighted material can be used to declare the ownership, or it will be considered as an infringement of the copyright law. The customers and visitors cannot re-distribute the material, nor they can participate in such marketing and distribution programs which violates the terms and conditions and copyrights of the material used on this website.

Communicating Electronically:

The customer takes the responsibility that the decision to visit our website is solely made by the customer/visitor. We reply to all inquiries send to us through email to our dedicated email address, or we may rely on our website discussion board.

We do not take responsibility for any communication, email, phone or text that reaches the customer through any other email address or phone number which is not mentioned on our website. We send replies to inquiries and communicate with the customer using the domain

We do not take responsibility for any misuse, damage or loss faced by the customer by communication through any email address or phone number which is not mentioned on our website

Copyright Material:

The All images, content, buttons, software, downloadable material, text, audio and videos mentioned on this website are copyrighted and our property. Therefore, in any case, they cannot be used by anyone because the material used on this website is protected by copyright law and any suspicious activity will be considered as an infringement of the international copyright law.

The trademarks mentioned on our website are used with the acknowledgement of these companies, and they cannot be associated with any product or service for marketing and promotional purposes.

Policies of Site and Amendments:

The company reserves the right to make necessary amendments to the terms and conditions anytime. If any clause in the terms and conditions section is found to be void, not valid and enforceable, there might be a possibility that it has been changed and the customer/visitor should visit the website frequently to assure the validity of the terms and condition of the website.

Policy for Revision:

We offer unlimited revision free of cost for a certain period; the customer can freely communicate with us if the delivered order is not according to the requirement. We entertain all requests for revision within 20 days of delivery however for large orders this period increase up to 45 days of order delivery.

  • For all orders which were delivered within 24 hours the revision, time is 24 hours
  • For all orders deliver between 24-48 hours the revision time is 48 hours
  • For all orders delivered in more than 48 hours the revision, time is 48-72 hours
  • After 40 days it is assumed that the customer is satisfied with the order and no revision requests will be entertained in any circumstances.

Policy for Amendments:

The amendment is considered Change in the Order Description. This can only be done as per the following policy:

  • Normal Deadline: Specify the changes within 24hours after the Order Placement
  • Urgent Deadline: Specify the changes within 12hours after the Order Placement.
  • Rush Deadline: Specify the changes within an hour after the Order Placement.


Any amount which is given to the customer through any affiliate or reward program is non-refundable and non-cashable. If any additional amount is transferred to the user's account using affiliate programs that extra amount is non-refundable and non-cashable.

Refund Policy:

The following refund policy will be applicable in all refund cases: Refund can be claimed in case of dissatisfaction*. Dissatisfaction may be a result of non-compliance, instructions were not followed, plagiarism concerns and other issues related to the product.


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